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    Solving Information Security Challenges
    Based On Risk, Not Fear

Focused on Information Security Services

Our goal is to enable every client to securely use technology to meet business objectives.

Virtual CISO Information Security Services

Virtual CISO

Pratum’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) service strengthens an organization’s security program by developing and executing a plan that addresses unique security demands. Pratum's vCISO is designed to deliver expert security insight, leadership and support while functioning as an extension of the business.

 Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

We help organization identify exploitable vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and web applications by performing penetration testing services. Pen testing is an ethical form of hacking that helps educate organizations on security issues within their technology environment.

Incident Response and Breach Investigations

Incident Response

For organizations that experience a security incident or have concerns of a potential data breach, Pratum offers breach investigation and digital forensic services. Investigations help eradicate active cyber threats, and digital forensics provides insight into the cause of the incident and the extent of its damage. Quickly discover and effectively manage security incidents.

Managed SIEM Services | Security Information and Event Management

Managed SIEM

Pratum's Managed SIEM identifies issues and anomalies in data trends through real-time analysis and delivers insight into security logs and incidents generated by computer systems, network hardware and applications. Security analysts notify clients of security incidents and guide them in making appropriate security decisions throughout the process.

Cybersecurity Videos

Incident Response

Penetration Testing

Digital Forensics

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