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Pratum and Technology Association of Iowa Employees at Iowa Capitol holding Cybersecurity Action Month Proclamation

Since 2004, the President of the United States and Congress have declared October to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which has helped citizens better understand the risks of online security threats and to become more educated about the daily, evolving environment of personal and public security.

If inaction due to unawareness is a driver of threat events then it is important to empower businesses and the public with the ability to take actions based on awareness.

With the help of Pratum and the Technology Association of Iowa, the State of Iowa made the important move from basic awareness to an emphasis on encouraging data security action when Governor Kim Reynolds declared this October to be Cybersecurity Action Month

State of Iowa Proclamation Cybersecurity Action Month
Brian Waller, President, TAI

With cyberattacks continuing to make headlines right here in Iowa, we understand there is a real need for proactive cybersecurity resources for companies and organizations statewide. So we are proud to partner with Pratum on Cybersecurity Action Month to encourage Iowans to think beyond awareness and how to take action on their cybersecurity programs.

Brian Waller President - Technology Association of Iowa

The Technology Association of Iowa and Pratum are the partnering sponsors of Cybersecurity Action Month and have made a number of training guides and other media available to the public.

Companies and individuals are encouraged to sign up to take advantage of the Cybersecurity Action Month resources to equip themselves to take action in defense of their own cybersecurity.

Various videos, guides, and infographics are available to help organizations establish realistic action plans to take better control of security. Topics range from Vendor Risk Management, Employee Security Training, Incident Response Planning, and Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

Jordan Engbers, President, Pratum

Awareness is critical, but it is not enough. We are providing resources that help equip organizations to take action against cyber threats.

Jordan Engbers President - Pratum
Cybersecurity Action Month Sign Up

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