Incident Response

Quickly discovering and effectively managing a security breach or attack

Prompt Response and Incident Mitigation

Cybersecurity incidents occur regularly. Building a solid incident response infrastructure, which includes response and remediation plans, training, communications and management direction, will prepare your organization for all levels of security incidents.

Pratum helps businesses respond to incidents with an organized approach. We guide our clients through every step of the process. Decisions must be made in an instant: who should be contacted, which parties to involve and what are the best practices for managing the circumstance? Even when an organization has an incident response plan in place, it is best to involve professionals who are trained and prepared to make objective security decisions.

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Incident Response Planning

Establish an incident response plan that describes the actions, steps, and resources necessary for organizations to effectively respond to an incident.

Data Breach Investigations

The investigation process is about finding answers and transitioning from incident detection to containment. This involves discovering the source of the problem, understanding when it happened, how it happened, which areas of the business are affected and with which methods to respond. Once the incident is contained, the remediation and recovery process begins.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics provides understanding into the extent of the breach. Recovery of data can be complicated, and it requires technical expertise as well as knowledge of evidence preservation to ensure its validity for admittance into the court of law. Pratum’s team of digital forensics analysts follows rigorous guidelines and incident response procedures to ensure successful identification, preservation, analysis and presentation of digital evidence.


  • Acquisition of Storage Media
  • Acquisition of Mobile Devices
  • Big Data Analysis/Data Mining
  • Expert Case Review

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