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The FDIC, OCC and FINRA continue to ramp up information security requirements for banks and investment advisers of all sizes. Examiners are looking more closely at how these organizations are protecting their customer information and accounts. To keep up, you need an information security firm that knows the unique challenges of the banking and financial sectors. Our team has led information security initiatives for financial institutions from national investment firms and large banks to small community banks.

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We Answer Your Banking and Finance Cybersecurity Questions

Pratum Designs Information Security Services for the Financial Industry Clients trust their finances to you, and the government takes a heavy interest in how you protect money and information. That makes the financial sector one of the most challenging cybersecurity landscapes today. Pratum’s experience spans dozens of banks and financial professionals, so we can answer key questions including:

  • What cybersecurity policies are mandatory for our organization?
  • How do I respond to this question from the FFIEC examiner?
  • How can we meet regulatory requirements cost-effectively?
  • Are we monitoring the right devices in our environment?
  • What are our obligations for reporting security incidents to the government and clients?
  • How can we manage cyber insurance costs?
  • What testing do we need to confirm our data is safe?
  • How can we protect data without inconveniencing our team?
Jeff Liles, CIO, Harbert Management Corporation

We don’t want to be complacent. Bad guys are always looking for ways around [our] cybersecurity layers. We have seen new recommendations from Pratum, and we welcome those suggestions. It helps us improve our process.

Jeff Liles CIO, Harbert Management Corporation

Information Security Services for Banks & Investment Teams

Key Factors in Cybersecurity for Banks & Financial Institutions

Pratum guides you to cost-effective solutions in these key areas:

Regulatory Obligations

We’ll explain your requirements under Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA); Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA); European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR); and more.

Affordable Compliance

Pratum consultants use their deep experience to identify affordable ways to meet your obligations.

Holistic Security Solutions

WOur team can guide you in creating policies and choosing solutions that deliver security throughout your environment, including servers, cloud services, ERP solutions, IoT devices and more.

Defense Against Ransomware & Other Common Attacks

We’ll guide you toward a layered strategy for stopping attacks that produce costly downtime.

Secure Communications

Our consultants will help you select policies and tools to guard against business email compromise (BEC) and other common threats, and we’ll advise on best practices for encryption and safe data transmission.

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Cybersecurity Guidance for Banks & Financial Advisers

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