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Information Security for Essential Public & Private Services

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Defending Essential Services with Consulting on Risk, Readiness and Incident Response

From its founding, Pratum has worked with water utilities, electrical grid organizations, transportation firms and others to prevent service disruptions and risks to citizens. Our consultants lead state and local officials, as well as private leadership teams, through information security risk assessments, penetration tests, incident response exercises and more to prepare their systems to continuously deliver essential services in all 16 critical infrastructure sectors.

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We Answer Your Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Questions

Attacks on our nation’s critical infrastructure are growing in frequency and severity. Systems heavily connected to the internet have vastly improved visibility—and increased the attack surface. Pratum helps leaders understand their risks’ impact and likelihood; prepare appropriate responses; and continually test the team’s readiness. We’ll address key questions, including:

  • Which frameworks and laws apply to our situation?
  • Who should be on our incident response team?
  • Which data breach notification laws apply to us?
  • How can we track and secure every device on our network, including IoT?
  • What kinds of regular testing will confirm our cybersecurity readiness?
  • Are there gaps in our policies and procedures?
  • Do we have a solid change management policy?
  • Do we have the right cyber insurance coverage?
  • Do our employees understand their role in cybersecurity?
Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate

Pratum has provided valuable insight to assist all 99 counties with setting up the necessary action steps to deal with any problem that might occur.

Paul Pate Iowa Secretary of State

Information Security Services for Critical Infrastructure Organizations

Key Factors in Critical Infrastructure Security

With our nation’s physical and economic well-being on the line, you can’t afford downtime in your operations. Pratum helps organizations build confidence in these key areas:

Framework Obligations

We’ll ensure you’re meeting your requirements under NIST, NERC CIP, executive orders and other frameworks.


Attackers frequently target Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems in efforts to take down essential utilities.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

The tools at the heart of managing infrastructure operations represent a prime target.

Operational Technology

OT requires careful risk analysis since the components typically aren’t upgraded as regularly as IT components.

APT Attackers

Foreign enemies increasingly use Advanced Persistent Threat hacker techniques to target America’s essential services.

Cost-effective Compliance

Pratum consultants use their deep experience to identify cost-effective ways to meet your obligations.

Business Impact

By detecting attempted infiltrations, a mature security program helps prevent data loss, service interruption and legal exposure.


Services such as risk assessments and IT audits help your team understand its environment and effectively manage activities such as employee onboarding/offboarding, software updates, etc

Ongoing Monitoring

A multilayered defense requires XDR/EDR tools that recognize malicious activities in real time.

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Cybersecurity Guidance for Critical Infrastructure

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