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Information Security Services
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Why Partner with Pratum

Joining Pratum’s Cybersecurity Partner Network is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to add information security services to your lineup. Our program enables Managed Service Providers (MSP), Value-Added Resellers (VAR), and professional services organizations to deliver cybersecurity services without the initial financial and human capital expenses and ongoing technology investments.

Whether you're a startup working to grow your business or an established corporation looking for new ways to add value for clients, we'll help you meet your business goals. Partnering with Pratum lets you provide your clients with information security services based on risk, not fear.

Partner Testimonial

We’re engaging Pratum to create a competitive edge.

Daryld Karloff Executive Vice President, Building Services Baker Group

How We Engage with Your Customers

We customize each engagement to the needs of individual clients and your goals for the relationship with them. Pratum can act as a turnkey subcontractor that handles a specific engagement with a client, or we can work with your team at each step to deliver a seamless customer experience with both companies. We can bill customers directly for our services or build our pricing into your package so that you present a single scope of work to customers.

How We Support Partners

We keep partners informed about Pratum’s latest offerings and equipped with the marketing materials needed to deepen your relationship with customers. Pratum’s partner support program includes:


Pratum leaders will come to your offices (or conduct video meetings) to train the sales team and others on how Pratum’s services augment your offerings. We understand that your sales team already has many product lines on its plate. So our training builds on our conversations with your leadership to ensure that we position Pratum’s services to be understandable, easy to market and tailored to enhance your overall sales goals.

Content Sharing

Pratum maintains a robust content development cadence that includes weekly blogs, regular case studies, position papers, webinars, explainer videos, conference presentations and more. Pratum will supply your marketing team with content to leverage in your own blog, e-mail newsletters, one-on-one client communications, etc.


Pratum will partner with you to enhance your position as a thought leader in your focus markets. For example, Pratum subject matter experts can join your speakers on co-branded webinars you promote as a resource to your customer list.

Industry Leadership

Pratum is active in several state technology associations. As our shared customer list grows, we can work with you to establish a higher profile in area organizations you recommend.

Partner Testimonial

The Pratum staff is easy to work with, and we consider them a valuable partner when it comes to combating future security risks in the always-changing IT environments.

Adam Ward Business Development Manager - Scantron

What We Look For in Partners

Prospective partners are evaluated using the following criteria and more:

  • Client Size
  • Client Verticals
  • Company Structure
  • Geographic Footprint
  • Reputation
  • Shared Customers
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Brand Alignment

Some Current Pratum Partners

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