IT Audits

Pratum’s IT audits provide insight into potential gaps in your technology processes and procedures and identify problem areas in your technology environment.

Why Pratum's IT Audit Service?

We Validate Your Controls in Practice

We assess your IT controls to confirm they are operating effectively and as expected.

We Deliver Insights That Go Beyond Technology

We interview employees from multiple departments (i.e. HR, IT, Compliance) to get to the heart of your business.

We Identify Potential Security Risks

Our consultants identify gaps and make recommendations for improving your IT and information security programs.

People, Processes, and Technology

Our Services

At every stage of the audit, Pratum focuses on improving your security program. Pratum’s consultants utilize common security controls from industry recognized frameworks and best practices to conduct IT audits that reveal details about your:

  • Information security posture
  • Risk management
  • Control design and operation
  • Compliance with security requirements

Pratum’s consultants identify deficiencies and provide recommendations for addressing them. With this information, you’ll have the confidence to make the right adjustments to reduce risk, meet business goals, and save money.

When to Perform an IT Audit

When You Want to Validate Your IT Controls

Whether you have concerns about potential gaps or believe your program is bullet proof.

When You Make Changes to Your Control Environment

Introducing a new technology can introduce new risk.

When You Need Compliance Support

Industry regulations or customer requirements may dictate that you do an annual audit.

When You’re Implementing Vendor Security Management

Protecting your organization means confirming the security of your third-party partners.

IT Audit Additional Resources

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