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Looking to learn more about managed security monitoring? These resources will help.

What is SIEM?
How Does SIEM Work?
SIEM aggregates information from devices and interprets key attributes that are correlated to identify security incidents or issues.

Log Consolidation
Benefits of Log Consolidation in a SIEM Environment
The centralized view of all data makes it easier to identify security threats and track them throughout an environment.

False Positive in SIEM
False Positives: What they are, how to identify them and why they need to be addressed
False positives can be a major distraction from threatening incidents. Even though false positives are not an immediate security threat, it is still important to address the issues that cause them.

SIEM is More Than Security
SIEM is More Than Security
While the main purpose of a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is monitoring networks for security incidents, there are other great benefits that can be realized as well.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) case study
Selecting a SIEM Provider & Adapting to Information Security Demands
Follow The Members Group's (TMG) journey through the selection process of hiring a managed SIEM provider.

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Managed SIEM vs. On-premise SIEM
TIME. MONEY. RESOURCES: A comparison between MSSP and On-premise SIEM
Deciding between a managed security services provider (MSSP) and on-premise SIEM solution can be daunting, but gaining a basic understanding of the differences will help your organization establish its best approach to security monitoring.

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Managed SIEM vs. In-house SIEM
Deciding Between a Managed SIEM and an On-premise Solution
This infographic gives insight into the current security monitoring landscape, and poses a few very important questions that every organization should be prepared to answer.

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