Digital Forensics

Identifying, Preserving, Analyzing, and Presenting Digital Evidence

Understanding Security Incidents Through Digital Investigations

Pratum's digital forensics service enables clients to make informed decisions about security incidents by identifying, preserving, analyzing, and presenting digital evidence. The service is designed to provide objective facts that help explain what happened during a security incident, when it occurred, and who was involved. We provide comprehensive forensics services including:

  • Digital Investigations
  • Acquisition of Storage Media
  • Acquisition of Mobile Devices
  • Expert Case Review

We help clients involved with business email compromise (BEC), corporate espionage, HR and personnel matters, data recovery from non-traditional equipment, and technical assistance for legal teams involved in digital forensics and eDiscovery.

The Importance of Digital Investigations

Isolationing and containing a cyber threat is one of the first things that should be done. Pratum's digital investigation services ensure appropriate actions are taken to prevent further damage.

Featured Forensics Services

Forensic examinations can be performed on nearly any electronic device that stores, receives, or transmits information and data of value. Devices include cell phones, tablets, laptops, hard drives, servers, thumb drives, SD cards, and even cloud storage.

Investigation of Digital Evidence

Digital Investigations

Our investigation process is designed to identify the person (or people) behind the security incident. We make sense of the data in context by attempting to determine who was involved, what they were doing, and when they did it.

Acquisition of Mobile Devices and Storage Media

Acquisition of Storage Media

Acquiring an image is more than just making a copy. Preserving as much of the data as possible in its exact state, including metadata, enables our forensics team to perform thorough investigations any time following the acquisition.

Aquisition of Mobile Devices

Acquisition of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices contain as much or more data than any other devices we use. They are used in nearly every aspect of our lives, from work to personal time, and smart phones are often used for both at the same time. We attempt to acquire data from the entire device, in preparation to provide whatever access is needed to assist the investigation.

  • Text Messages
  • Pictures and Downloads
  • Browser Artifacts
  • Email and Instant Messages
  • GPS and Location Data
  • Installed Software/Apps
  • Mobile Spyware
Weinhardt Case Study

At Pratum the team working together really can do everything, and they bring in the right subject matter experts on any given case.

David Fautsch Partner - Weinhardt Law Firm
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