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Creating Growth Opportunities Through Data Security

Earn Client Trust with Best-in-Class Policies for Protecting Sensitive Data

For sales and marketing firms, your brand increasingly rests on how well you safeguard customer lists and market insights. A breach could mean not only regulatory fines, but reputational costs that limit your growth for years to come. Pratum’s consultants will help you master the intersection of security and privacy and create the kind of mature security program that key clients now build into most RFPs.

Need assistance in protecting your sales and marketing company?

We Answer Your Marketing & Sales Cybersecurity Questions

Pratum helps create a strategy to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) you retain, as well as intellectual property. We’ll address your key questions, including:

  • What are our privacy obligations with consumer data?
  • Which privacy standards in the U.S. and overseas apply to us?
  • Would better data retention policies limit our exposure?
  • What security steps do major clients want to see?
  • What’s the best way to secure data accessed by remote workers?
  • Is SOC 2 a good investment for our business?
  • Which cyber insurance policy is right for us?
  • How can incident response planning limit our potential downtime?
  • What regular testing do we need to confirm our cybersecurity readiness?
  • How can we train every team member to do their part in cybersecurity?
  • How do we set smart priorities with our limited cybersecurity budget?
Stephanie Kempf, Vice President of IT

The partnership has let us mature. Pratum has come alongside and been in lockstep with all facets of securing the organization.

Stephanie Kempf Vice President of IT

Information Security Services for Marketers and Sales Organizations

Key Factors in Sales & Marketing Security

Pratum helps agencies secure their operations and create a market differentiator in these essential areas:

Breach Law Guidance

We’ll explain your requirements under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA); Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); local breach notification laws; and more.

Data Storage & Encryption

Insights for efficient ways to safeguard data you retain and advice on whether you’re saving or encrypting more than you should.

Website & App Security

Learn best practices for developing and testing to confirm that your sites, apps and backend processes handle data securely.

Cost-effective Solutions

Experienced consultants help you prioritize your spending and affordably meet your obligations.

Budget Planning

We’ll analyze your risks and assign costs so you can make informed choices about cybersecurity spending.

Cloud/BYOD Management

We help you secure information, even when it’s stored on devices you don’t own.

Practical Training Solutions

Our team can guide you in creating programs to help every user learn to spot and report suspicious activity.

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